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We can't stand pointless lines

Our Story

Our journey began with a love story intertwined with a deep appreciation for the value of time. It all started with our founder Rob and his extraordinary wife, whose unique circumstances became the driving force behind our mission.

Rob’s wife was born without a connection from her left lung to her heart, a condition that posed a significant threat to her life. At the tender age of three, she underwent a risky exploratory surgery, where she tragically died on the operating table not once, but three times. Miraculously, she was revived.

Doctors delivered a heartbreaking prognosis — she was not expected to live past the age of 18. With her heart unable to be fixed and her lung disconnected, her body would eventually outgrow its capacity to pump blood effectively. However, fate had other plans. When she turned 15, she underwent a heart surgery that defied all odds and restored her health.

Two years later, Rob and his wife began dating. Her near-death experiences had left an indelible mark on her perspective, instilling in her a profound sense of purpose and an unwavering appreciation for the fleeting nature of time. Each day became a precious miracle, and that mindset influenced their shared ethos: never wasting time and never allowing others to waste it either.

Driven by this philosophy, FasterLines was born.

From the very beginning, our focus has been on ensuring that customers are truly seen and heard while waiting in line. We understand the frustration and despair that comes from being ignored while standing in line, experiencing the excruciating waste of precious time. We work tirelessly to empower individuals to reclaim their time and make the most of every moment.

At FasterLines, we empower businesses to elevate their customer experience by providing efficient and effective line management solutions. We harness cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to streamline wait times, ensuring that customers feel valued and are tended to promptly. By getting rid of unnecessary wait times, we pave the way for individuals to focus on what truly matters to them, cherishing the moments that life has to offer.

At FasterLines, our story is deeply personal. It’s a story of love, resilience, and a profound appreciation for the value of time. We invite you to join us on this journey as we revolutionize the way people experience lines, empowering them to live their lives to the fullest, one line at a time.

FasterLines—where time is cherished and customers are seen.

Our Values

Use time with intention

We value time and using it wisely, because the best life is one lived (not simply endured).

Nothing is too small

See the small things so you can change the big ones.

Simplicity is key

The simpler the approach, the more sustainable and repeatable the result.

Possibility is everywhere

Potential is around every corner. Success is found at the intersection of curiosity and action.

What's the hold up?

Let's discuss how we can make increasing efficiency increasingly simple for your team.

Meet the Team

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The FasterLines Credo

We spend so much of our life waiting.

Waiting to get to where we're going.

Waiting for things to be better, faster, more fluid.

Waiting, without being seen or heard.

Waiting for someone to care.

It's a real shame to waste so much precious time.

Especially if we don't have to.

So then how can it be that we lack innovation and creativity when it comes to waiting in line?

Have we simply accepted long lines as a necessary evil, a part of the way life works?

This whole thing is way out of line.

We need something to stand for.

Data-driven, efficiency-minded, process-streamlining practices.

Something real and true.

Something to quench our thirst for optimization.

What if there was a different and data-proven way to move every line faster?

Like the one we're standing in, right now.

The one that's jammed, inefficient, frustrating, and unfulfilling.

What if all it required was a willingness to forget everything we know and embrace a new way forward?

We're drawing the line right here.

And creating a new one:

The line we want to wait in.

A you line.

A human-centered experience.

Because everyone wants to be acknowledged.

No one should feel forgotten.

Everyone deserves to get where they're going.

And we all benefit when a line moves.

Why wait?

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